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1. What Kind Of Schedule Are You Looking For?

     This is a very important question to ask!  When most people think of a Project Schedule they think of a Gantt Chart. It takes quite some time to get to the point that you can have a schedule like this (see right). In the lessons below I will help you to create a Level 5 schedule with a work breakdown structure that is easy to understand. I will provide you with excel sheets that work together to create a schedule from the beginning of a project to the end.  Tracking of what is happening is the most important parts of why we make a schedule. This shows us how we did with our plan for the project. There are many areas in which better planning will lead to a better job. 

Below is the Table of contents with a few questions for the rest of the lecture on Scheduling. 

2. The Parts Required To Make A Schedule

Something to think about:

Where do you want to start to make your schedule? 

What should you include in your schedule?

At what level of detail do you want the schedule to be?

Who will have input into the break down and tasks you will be using?

What type of schedule do you want to put together? Will it be driven by hours, production, Dates or % complete?

What is the fastest way to build the schedule I want?

What Work Breakdown Structure should I use?

What templates do I need to get my schedule going?

Who will see my schedule?

What is schedule Coding? 

Will your schedule have production units and cost unites attached?

3. Project Properties

Who am I?

Who is this job for?

How long do I think this should take?

How am I going to track this?

What is your budget?

Do you have a Spending Plan?

Are you going to share this Plan?

When does this need to be done?

4. Structuring The WBS Of The Project

Now that the job is set up lets look at the Work Breakdown Structure for your project.

What does this have to do with my schedule?

How does this relate to my job?

Who set this up?

How does the relate to the estimate?

5. Activity Details

6. Activity Types

7. Relationships

What do I do now?

What comes First?

Can we do this after or before?

I have to have this done before anything happens?

I need this done by this Day. No and , if , or buts.

Well we are at the end what now?

Flow chart can do what?

8. Lag and Float

9. Working With Activites

10. Scheduling Activites

11. Setting Your Schedule Level

12. Issues and Risks

13. Baselines And Statusing

14. Capacity Planning And ROI

15. Resource Management

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