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QA/QC Templates

This is a quick way to get your QA/QC templates started. Only $450.00

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Weekly HS&E Report

Report your safety stats on the weekly report. Only $3.00

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Production Tracking for Hauling Materials

This work book can track loads of hauled materials. This sheet will give you the power to see how you are doing on a daily based on you project. Only $99.00

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Average End Area Road

Use this excel workbook to take off section of a road way. This work book is set up to a database so you can add each of the cross section. Only $10.00

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Dozer Production Imperiacal

This is based on Cats Hand book for Dozer production. This is easy way to see if you using the right size Dozer for the project. Take a look in how to use the sheet in a youtube video at Only $0.00

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Sloped Trench Excavation

This sheet is for Sloped trenches. Where you can add as many trenches in this sheet as you like and have a database of a complete take-off.  Only $2.00

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Concrete Footer and Stemwall

This will give you the the detail required to take off a concrete foundation for a footer and stem wall. Other foundation take off types still to come. Only $1.50

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Work Breakdown Structure Set up

This excel template helps you put your WBS together for your project. Only $1.00

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Complete Schedule for a residential home in Microsoft Project 2007

Need a little help getting your schedule for your new home. Here is the Schedule for you. This has a complete set up for you to schedule your new home. Only $2.50

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Simple Gantt Chart Schedule In Excel

Need a little help creating your Gantt Schedule. This simple Gantt chart that also has a Work Break Down  structure (WBS) integrated. Only $2.50 or Share it on Facebook and get it free!

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