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Construction Templates


     We would like to take you down the path of how to build a project schedule. This is one of the most visual parts of your project. Learn more by clicking on the link below.  Learn about how to set up a Work Breakdown Structure, project activities, a base line schedule up to a level 5 break down, and more. 

     Putting a schedule together for your project is a vital part of tracking how changes effect your over all project timeline. With most project pushing to complete by the finish milestone it is important for you to show your client how there actions and site conditions effect the over all project finish date. The schedule you produce is in effect showing all the costs that are spent on the project. And when there is a delay that cost can be captured (either as lost renew or change orders) 

Click here to view how to build a schedule

Estimating Templates

Setting up a Estimate can be overwhelming as you do not want to miss anything. The excel templates you find on this site will help you put all the activities you price in one place so you can give a complete bid.

A few of the templates you will find.

Estimating excel sheet

     Do you want to get a step ahead? This Estimating template is here to help you do just that. Each sheet of the workbook is set up to let you estimate each area your scope of work you are pricing. It is easy to use and you can start using it TODAY. The excel sheet is not locked and you may edit it as you like to fit your needs. $100,000,000.00 projects have been estimated on this excel template. 

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Project Management Templates

     Use some of the most basic to advanced excel sheets to help your project. All sheets are here for you to use to help you understand the production, costing, and schedule. 

A few of the templates you will find.

     The weekly reports helps you see where you are at on your project. Set up how you would like to track your project  by - Hours complete, % complete, Material installed. Set up your plan and record the actual. This is a great way to visually see how you progress is going. 

                                 Project Templates

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Overview - Project Dashboard

Tracking your project is easy when you use a project dashboard.  This is a all inclusive excel database that you can input in Manpower, Equipment, Materials and Production data.  (Below is an example of the time entry page of the dashboard)

Time Entry - Below is an example of a time entry form that has been included in our project dashboard. Every entry in the time form will be add to a time data base.  The database can be accessed so that  you may update a time entry record if required.  

Construction Take-off Lessons (How to Estimate)

We are trying to amass a large database of information about taking off materials for construction. The first lessons have now been placed on our training page.  As we create or share these lessons we will link them for you to use.

The first lesson are:

Concrete form takeoff for flat work

Setting up a Plot Plan for taking of mass excavations

Setting up the format of your excel workbook for your mass excavation takeoff

Do have a lesson you would like to share?  I would like to link them to this site or host them here on our site.

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Courses for Excel and Project Managment

     Take your knowledge to the next level by taking an online course. We have placed a few of our favorites for you to take. Click on the below link to start your Udemy training now. 

Excel Courses

Learn Excel today!

Project management Courses

Learn Finance Now!

Work Face Planning

     With in the world of Major Projects for the Oil Sands there is a new way of planning and installing the Work Saving Millions of Dollars. It is called Work Face Planning (WFP). We will take a trip down the road to understand how WFPing is changing the way we look at these big projects and how they will be able to change even the small projects that we complete.  

Under the documents tab you will be able to down load the beginning documents to understand what WFPing is and how it can be apply on your projects. Here is a list of all the templates you will need to start Planning today.

Work Face Planning Guidelines

Document Control

Creating a detailed schedule (Construction Schedule Template Excel)

Setting up Material order forms

Setting up Equipment requirements

QA/QC Requirements (Forms)

Learn More about WFP by visiting the following link. Work Face Planning

Common Excel Functions

     Learn a thing or two about many of the function in excel. Here we will make a full list of where and how to use many of excels functions.  To start things off the Sumproduct function is shown.   

Learn how to set up your own Templates

     On  Excel Template Examples you can learn the formulas behind many of the templates that are for sell.  You can then set up your own sheet to get your desired results.  Like the workforce reporting to the right it will help you see how to use graphs and put your data into excel get you desired results.  Excel is a great tool and the templates I share can make your life a little more fun and save time.

Above: Weekly Report

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Learn from the Video page

     Also visit the Video page. Learn how to set up an estimate in excel.

Learn how to use the Dozer Production Sheet. - New

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     Hosting - If you have a spread sheet you would like to share we are happy to share you template with the world. If you would like to add a template please follow the hosting link. 

There is no real place on the web like this to get templates that relate to construction. This site will help you find some of the excel forms that are used every day.

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Inspection and Test Plan - Identification

Inspection and Test Plan - Form

Inspection and Test Plan - Signature Log

Document Transmittal - Form

Document Transmittal - Log ...

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Estimating Templates

QAQC Templates

  • Inspection and Test Plan - Identification
  • Inspection and Test Plan - Form
  • Inspection and Test Plan - Signature Log
  • Document Transmittal - Form
  • Document Transmittal - Log
  • Request for Information - Form
  • Request for Information - Log
  • Purchase Requisition - Form (Sample)
  • Purchase Requisition - Log
  • Purchase Order - Log
  • Material Receiving - Report
  • Material Receiving - Log
  • Welder Qualification - Log
  • Welder Qualification - Form
  • Daily Activity Summary - Form
  • Daily Tailgate Hazard Assessment
  • Visual Inspection - Report
  • Non-Destructive Examination Request - Record
  • Non-Conformance - Report
  • Non-Conformance - Log
  • Change Notice Justification - Form
  • Change Notice Justification - Log
  • Field Construction Delay Justification - Form
  • Field Construction Delay Justification - Log
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