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Learn how to set up you first pivot table.

See how to take off an area and length and width.

Learn how to set the scale in Autodesk design review.

Part 3 in learning how to set up an estimating workbook in excel. In this video I show you how to get to each part of you estmate quickly by placing hyper links to each sheet of you estimate.

Part 4 If a sheet is not required it can be hidden from view. Here is how to hide and unhide sheets in excel.

Part 2 Creating an extimate in excel will now require you to all all of the costing sheets based on the Work Break Down structure. This video will show how to add in and rename the need sheets.

Part 1 In this Web video I will show you how to use excel to set up a Estmating workbook. The first Part will be putting in the Work Break Down Structure as the first sheet show a toatl for all the cost that will come.

This is based on Cats ' book for Dozer production. This is an easy way to see if you are using the right size Dozer for the project.

Do you want to get a step ahead? This Estimating template is here to help you do just that. Each sheet of the workbook is set up to let you estimate each area your scope of work you are pricing. It is easy to use and you can start using it TODAY. The excel sheet is not locked and you may edit it as you like to fit your needs. $100,000,000.00 projects have been estimated on this excel template.

Quick review of the equipment section of the dashboard

Simple Gantt Chart with Auto fill for Chart

Fill excel cells with color. Add fill color one cell or many cells. Even fill formating to many cells.

Excel 2010 Center data in Columns with the click of a few buttons. More videos to come see my web site

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