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Template Hosting Program

Please email your templates to Please add in a  sheet within the workbook that has directions on how you would like to see your template on the site. Please send information on how the sheet works and what it would be used for.  Please set the price for the workbook and a description of how you would like to see the sells information. If you send me multiple sheets I would be happy to dedicate a web page to your workbooks.  If they are not related to Construction that is fine I will create a section for the additional area these will relate to. 

Make Money with your Excel Sheets Today!

Please see below if you would like to contact me with any questions.


*We use to transfer all your funds to you. Please set up and account and send me your Paypal email to receive any fund from the sell of your templates. charges 15% of the sell of the template for use of the site. Templates will be maintained on the site until you request them be removed. Money from all sales will be transferred on the 25th of every month from any sales. Correspondence will be sent to you when your workbooks are sold. Please contact me with any changes you would like to make to the templates you have for sell. Description/price and sales you would like to hold for your products.


Thank you for choosing!

Feel free to use the below message box to get in touch with us.

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