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Estimating Templates and Setup

Estimating Setup

Below we have put together a list of templates that should help get your estimating program off to a good start. We feel the best way for you to succeed is to have good documents and procedures, as well as good data as you price your projects. The Excel templates that follow will help you do just that.  

Estimating Forms

When setting up your estimate there are a few items that you want to make sure you have included in your estimate.  They are as follows:




Sub Contractor

This is also known as LEMS for short. Each of your estimates is a combination of each of these items.  Based on the scope of work that you are doing you may require many different take-off sheets. Or if you are one trade you may only need one take-off sheet.  Below we have put our most popular estimating templates.  In this detailed template, you can put in as many bid items as are required and can put in the LEMS required to price each item.  We have as well completed a review of this estimating template on youtube Please take a moment and review this video.



Estimating Sheets Options

Estimating Costing.png

Labor, Equipment, and Materials

So most estimates are broke down in the LEMS. and based on you scope you my have different back down for the % each part will play in you project price. Most projects you will find the follow pricing breakdown:

Labor - 30%

Equipment - 30%

Materials - 25%

Mark up and overheads 15%

Each of these Items play a imported role in how your pricing will fair. To be able the set up each of your rates we have produces the below templates the help you establish what internal pricing you should charge for your internal rates.


Labor Rates

Equipment Rates

Material Rates










Subcontracted Pricing

As a contractor you my require a Subcontractor to work with you to complete your project. This is common place in most projects that you my have a scope that you may have different companies do.  We have put together a list of some of the suppliers as well we have made a typical PO.  



Subcontractor Contact List

Subcontractor Contract and PO

Project Activities

Most of the time you can provide the work breakdown right as you estimate the project. This seems to be a very common way to prepare the project activities list.  Most projects we have seen break down there projects into levels. Big projects have up to 5 level. We have created a excel template that can be used to create the levels for your project.  Below is a example of the sheet we have created.



Work Break Down Structure


Project Take-off

We have spent a lot of time creating templates that can be you use to complete different take off for you project. May of them in different sectors of construction. We are looking to expand out take off templates and would like you feed back so that we can work on things you are looking for. Please email us at we look forward to providing additional templates for you scope of work you preform.


Please see the full list of all the template we provide. 


We know how this is a very important part of completing a projects price.  If you are off on you take off you can loose a lot of money on a project. There is a lot of risk in completing a take off for a project if you do not have the right tools.


Please see the list of Templates on the left.

Project Inclusions



Project Exclusions

When creating a project bid you will want to provide the client with a description of the work that you are completing. This list provided in you quote can include a few of the following items typically:

Schedule duration per task

How man trips are required to complete the project scope of work.

What scope your are completing

Quantity take off for material/installation


Quote Form


Bid Submission


Awarded Projects - Job Set up and Tracking

Project Management Templates - Click Here

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