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This completely open excel workbook is now here to help you get a hold of your projects. Track every part of your project in one excel file. VBA is used to get you to every part of the dashboard. With this being an open excel file you can add on all of your own sheets for your own industry. If you would like to customize this sheet to your own company contact Matt Smart.

Add in your company logo and other modifications. 

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Above: Video Equipment Tracking

Time Card Tracking

Time Dashboard-1.png

Keep track of every hour worked on your project. Each of your staff can be setup under the employee list with their charge out rates and internal rates. This dashboard gives you the power to know the total margin you will make for each project. 

Above: Video of Tracking

Take a look at a quick review of how the staff is entered in and tracked. Take many project with one workbook. No need to use a workbook for each project. Set up invoicing for each client. Provide and account for every hour your crew works on each project. Set up time reporting and track every cost and money outstanding.

Invoicing Entry and Tracking

Above: Invoice Report per Job or Muiltple Jobs

Invoices are broken down for each project in line items from your production.  Provide a break down that gives you control over you billing. Set up many sheets to provide invoice tracking for each company you are working with. Bill a single project or many project all at the same time. Provide detailed Production reporting right in your invoice with the flexibility to  create custom descriptions for each billing items.

Payment Tracking

Above: Payment Report

When you get paid add it in the Payment section.  Don't  leave any dollar behind.

Material Entry and Tracking

Above: Material Entry Form

Production Entry and Tracking

Above: Production Entry or Billing Item Entry

Production tracking is the basis by which the work is invoiced out. Provide in great detail the work that was completed and reference or create custom sheets to provide a quick copy of the work break down structure for each project. Account for both Lump Sum work, Unit rates, and even hourly projects. With complete flexibility you can create sheets that all you to use you own custom Work Break Down Structure.

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